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Name: Ino Yamanaka

Canon: Naruto

Age: 16/17 (idek)

Reference: everything you want to know about Ino and then some

World Information:

The world of Naruto is set upon a continent made up of countries; the main and largest countries are the Land of Fire, Land of Water, Land of Wind, Land of Lightning, and Land of Earth but there are plenty of other small countries that surround these big'uns. These countries operate as their own political entities and are ruled by a daimyo, the leader and a Feudal Lord sort of figure. Within these countries therein lies a ninja village.

Ninja were born from their ancestor, the Sage of Six Paths. He was a legendary figure, a God among ninja, who founded the art of the ninja and their techniques. His most notable accomplishment was the sealing of the Ten-Tails and becoming the first jinchuuriki. Before his death, he separated the Ten-Tails from his body and split the monster into nine bijuu, animalistic beings of incredible power that have the number of tails according to their name. They would later be sealed into bodies as well and make them jinchuuriki like the Sage of Six Paths.

Jinchuuriki are very important weapons the villages use as a last resort because of the power of the bijuu sealed inside. They are usually heavily protected and guarded at all costs while not being allowed to leave their villages for extended amounts of time.

Ninja and their villages are now led by a second authoritative leader and the strongest ninja of that village, the Kage. A Kage has many duties, such as protecting the village, but they also oversee the missions that the ninja of the respective village complete.

A mission is a job for ninja and is their main source of income called ryo. They range from menial tasks like babysitting to the more serious ones like assassination. Clients submit these missions to the ninja village of their choosing, and each is ranked from D (being the easiest, simplest tasks) to S rank (being the most difficult and dangerous). These missions are then distributed to either a team of genin, chuunin, or jounin. A genin is a ninja fresh out of ninja school, so to speak. Genin usually take on the D rank missions because they are the least dangerous but sometimes a more experienced genin will take on a C rank. Chuunin is an average ninja, someone who has the ability to lead and also support while handling their own weight; they receive C to B rank missions. The final type of ninja is a jounin, who are the elite of their village. They take on some of the most difficult (and high paying!) missions like A or S rank. When a mission is complete, the client pays for the services according to the rank it was assigned.

Despite Naruto being all about ninja, there are civilians in this world and they live simple day to day lives among the ninja. They can live in the smaller towns of their country or in the ninja villages taking on basic jobs like working in a restaurant or family-owned shop. They are usually the ones that submit the requests that are turned into missions.

When a ninja fails a mission, it depends on the Kage to determine the course of action. One of the rules for a ninja is 'the mission always comes first.' In some villages, imprisonment is the punishment but in others, a ninja could be dishonored. Depending on the importance of the mission, the consequences of failure is dependent upon it.

There are many other rules for a ninja but one that all seem to live by in the Land of Fire is that 'teamwork is important.' Most ninja operate in teams to complete a mission and while most of them are the same rank, three genin are trained under a jounin after graduating from ninja school. Until they graduate into chuunin, they are looked after by their jounin teacher. In order to become a chuunin, a genin must take and pass the chuunin exam, which is a series of tests that proves the genin is able to take on the responsibilities of a chuunin. Even if a genin passes all tests, it is still up to judges to decide on whether they graduate.

The same goes for chuunin who want to graduate into jounin.

The most important thing for a ninja is their chakra; a tangible energy from within that they call upon to perform ninja techniques.

A ninja can use chakra to walk on water, climb trees using only their feet, give themselves a burst of speed or strength, and heal others. When chakra is depleted, a ninja becomes fatigued. When a ninja manages to use all of their chakra, the most common result is death. Ninja all have a different amount of chakra in their body and it's born from spiritual and physical energy. In other words, the energy you have from your body and the energy you have from your mind/heart. A ninja may increase their chakra reserves by training their body and their mind and in turn, have a greater spiritual and physical energy to use.

Ninja use three main types of fighting: Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu: There are five main technique types and they are much like the main countries of the world; Fire Style, Water Style, Wind Style, Lightning Style, and Earth Style. There are, however, special techniques that do not fall under these types and are called a 'kekkai genkai' or 'Bloodline Limit.' They are unique to certain clans and are usually very powerful and difficult to overcome. Ninjutsu are also classified in ranks much like missions.

Taijutsu: It is essentially the use of your own body to fight, using your fists or a weapon. A weapon can range from a small shuriken (throwing star) to a giant axe.

Genjutsu: Illusionary techniques that can affect the five senses. When placed under a Genjutsu, if the victim is strong enough, they can break the technique. Otherwise, the victim is susceptible to attack. It is far more complex than just Ninjutsu.

Certain ninja specialize in these three types but all ninja are unique and have a variety of jutsu to use on hand.

The Naruto world is set in a modern time, as there is technology but nothing that comes even close to futuristic holograms or time-travel. There are basic things like refrigerators and air conditioning and television that are necessary for day to day life since civilians live in this world too. The villages are more like small cities, in this respect, full of ninja.

Although most ninja fight on the side of good, it wouldn’t be a shounen manga (or very interesting for that matter) if there weren’t some bad apples in the mix. As of now, the main antagonists of the series are a couple people that band themselves under the name Akatsuki. The Akatsuki was originally a criminal organization made up of missing-nin (ninjas who leave their village and turn traitorous) from the different ninja villages. They were all incredibly powerful in their own right and this was the reason they were asked to join. The group’s objective is to capture all the jinchuuriki and take over the world, but it is now only made up of two people, as the rest of them died in combat.

Another villainous figurehead is Orochimaru, a legendary ninja, and his followers. He was the Big Bad for an extended amount of time in the manga and still remains so. His lackeys have changed over time but Orochimaru is still the leader and dangerous.

There was a long amount of time when villages fought against each other as well, in three Ninja Wars and created bad blood between them, but now they are one allied force fighting against the Akatsuki (two people!) in the Fourth Ninja War.

Which is where I am taking Ino from.

Personality: Ino, though a minor character in the series, has a pretty well fleshed out personality.

Since Ino was young she was always a self-confident, popular, and friendly kunoichi at the Academy. During her time there, she was one of the top students because of her early affinity towards botany from working in her family's flower shop. She was assertive and outgoing, having scored the highest in that category when she was attending ninja school. Though she ranked highest in that particular area, Ino was also shown to be well-rounded in all aspects. She was a top graduate at the academy and has proven a number of times she is an intelligent and witty kunoichi. Though Shikamaru (her teammate with an IQ of over 200) is the strategist, Ino is sharp in her own ways.

During an exam, she overcame her jutsu's weakness by using her hair as a trap and keep her opponent, Sakura, still. Sakura Haruno is also a big part of Ino, just as Ino is a big part of Sakura. The two are best friends but also entertain a rivalry. This becomes a big source of Ino's motivation to become stronger in a number of ways. Ino first came into contact with Sakura when she was being bullied for having a large forehead. Instead of joining in on the bullying, Ino took Sakura under her wing and protected her. When her teammate was in the hospital, she was the first to run to him and make sure he was alright. Ino has a protective streak for the weak and shows kindness to everyone around her and hates when her friends are picked on. She has no fear standing up for them if they can't do it themselves.

With teammates like Shikamaru (lazy and unmotivated) and Chouji (chubby and passive), Ino picks up a lot of that slack to balance them out and turns into the backbone. She's lively and self-motivated -- when Sakura is trained under the Fifth Hokage to be a medical ninja, Ino is quick to follow in her footsteps because she doesn't want to get left behind or lose to Sakura. It's their rivalry and also just how Ino is; she hates losing -- especially to Sakura. They constantly push each other to do better because of their rivalry.

Ino is vain and focuses a lot on her appearance, having the tendency to go on diets to make sure she looks good for boys. What teenage girl doesn't have that same ideal? But she's confident about her looks regardless and can sometimes use that to get what she wants with charm. She thinks she has a thorough understanding of what men want -- skinny, pretty girls. Even if Ino is a very self-confident girl that believes in herself, she is just as easily flattered over compliments as any other girl, especially from those she views as attractive. When a boy she thinks is cute calls her 'Ms. Beautiful', she blushes and turns speechless.

Keeping lazy and passive teammates in mind, Ino finds a way to be the leader of her team when their teacher wasn't around. And sometimes when he was. This means she CAN be a bit bossy as a leader and bratty if she's pissed off. It surprisingly works well with her teammates because they need Ino's pushiness. And despite her kindness and perception of others feelings, she can be temperamental and impatient (even selfish), especially when a button is pushed. Don't ever call her a pig unless you want to see that rage come full-force. She's shown to turn on teammates when something is said that pisses her off and Ino-Pig is a nickname Sakura uses to get under her skin.

As a leader, one needs to be responsible and dependable, which are exactly the sort of things her teacher uses to describe her during his last words. She's told to take care of her two teammates and takes these words to heart; she's willing to do whatever she can to protect them, even in the face of danger. This could be said for a lot of her friends. The ninja that had killed her teacher didn't faze her and she didn't think twice about going after them to make sure they didn't kill anyone else. Not only was it her job as a ninja, but as a way to avenge her teacher. They were incredibly strong but she never backed down and even offered herself as a distraction, and to fight alone, so they could win that fight.

When Ino was a genin she was seen as rather selfish, stubborn, and loud. Naruto had described her as Sakura's rival and a Sasuke-idiot. This was before she had gotten to know her team and grow close and during that time she, not to mention she and Sakura were constantly fighting over Sasuke. They both liked him and fought over who could call him 'mine'. She was a bit of a brat but she's grown out of that. The stubbornness and loudness, she hasn't. It has been toned down quite a bit as she's grown older but she still wants to be heard as a leader and she wants to be right. However, she does know when she's wrong. Though she might hate being so, she has enough sense to know when to admit something she did wasn't right.

Ino still loves botany and flower arranging in her teenage years and has only gotten better with time, as she would spend some of her free time working at their family owned flower shop when she wasn't on missions or training.

At first Ino is seen as annoying, bratty, and Sasuke-obsessed but it's clear there's more to her than that. During part one, the nice girl that Ino Yamanaka undoubtedly is comes to light slowly, despite her flaws. And while a ninja she is most definitely a girl as well; going on diets, enjoying shopping, and holding her feminine charm. While not necessarily just a bratty Sasuke-fan girl anymore, Ino still retains a lot of her old qualities. She's proved her growth over the course of the series and slowly developed herself as a character with a stubborn yet bright personality. She possesses a wit and sense that are above others and a leadership persona in every situation and at times of emergencies, she puts her teammates first.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitations: The Yamanakas (Ino's clan) possess techniques that doesn't automatically fall under one of these five categories of jutsu, as stated above. In fact, their nature is only explained as a 'Ninja Art'. The most basic and signature move of Yamanaka clan is called the Shintenshin, however Ino has other notable skills as well.

Shintenshin no Jutsu: C rank (Average Jutsu)/all range*. It is a mind-affect technique; a jutsu that was primarily used for reconnaissance. The user preforms a ram, a technique specific hand seal, and a bird seal before aiming at their immobile target. The user propels their conscious across the distance into the enemy's body in a line and then takes control of their body for a limited amount of time. If the victim is physcially or mentally strong enough, they are able to push the user out. Otherwise, this jutsu is hard to recover from if successful.

While the user is in the victim's body, their own body becomes vulnerable to attack until the technique is cancelled. If the user misses their target, it takes time before the user's consciousness returns to its own body. This jutsu is usually only able to move in a straight line, hence the need for an immobile target for the technique to succeed. Finally, if any physical injury is inflicted upon the victim's body while the mind-link is active, it would cause the user's body to also receive those same injuries. This can be avoided if user cancels the jutsu before the victim's body receives the damage.

Ino's skill with this jutsu has vastly improved over time. While at first it was a slow moving jutsu for her, she can now successfully complete this jutsu and take over her victim when there's only a brief moment of stillness, as compared to her genin days and needed her teammate to hold them still for a longer period of time. Her skill with timing and cancelling the jutsu effectively is even praised by her father, Inoichi, the leader of the Yamanaka clan members. Ino has also overcome one of the jutsu's weakness of only traveling in a straight line and controlling one opponent. During the fourth war, she is seen moving her jutsu in a curved line to take control of two bodies skillfully. Accordingly, this jutsu name has an alteration of 'Shinten Bunshin no Jutsu'.

*: On its own, the user is able to perform the jutsu on targets within eyesight, but with the help of the Hyuuga clan's Byakugan (a special eye that has 360 vision), the range is extended drastically.

Shinrashin no Jutsu: B Rank (Moderately Difficult Jutsu)/short to mid-range. A technique that affects the nervous system of the victim. It is much the same as Shintenshin, the difference only being that the user doesn't project their consciousness onto the victim. The victim's body is disconnected from their will and is controlled by the user and their chakra.

Telepathy: As the name suggests, the Yamanaka possess a telepathic ability. The user is able to read thoughts and communicate with other people using this technique. She can project her own thoughts merely by focusing and building chakra but by placing her hand on a target's head, she can read their thoughts and then project them to another target. The user can communicate with multiple people at once and the targets can also communicate with each other while the technique is in use. The number of people she can use telepathy on is unlimited as long as they are within range. Those outside this range require equipment that can broadcast her technique at a wider radius.

Medical Ninjutsu (Mystical Palm): A rank(Difficult Jutsu)/short range. This jutsu speeds up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into the injuries. The user preforms a mofified ox seal, and then a tiger seal before applying it to the wounded. This jutsu is incredibly useful on the battlefield with its advantage of treating both external and internal wounds and no need for medical equipment or surgery.

Mystical Palm requires exceptional control over chakra, which means that Ino is now highly skilled in using her chakra effectively without any drawbacks. Injuries can only be healed if the chakra matches the severity of the afflicted part of the body. While Mystical Palm is the easiest method in healing, Ino also has a wide range of knowledge in flowers and plants from working at the Yamanaka shop. This gives her the possible ability to make herbal medicines

Chakra Sensory: A ninja who has the ability of detecting the presence of other people through their chakra. A skilled sensor can detect their targets from a great distance but so far, Ino has been shown to only differentiate characters by their signature chakra alone

Standard Ninja Techs (clone, transform, replacement, tools): In order to graduate from the academy and become a ninja, all students in the Academy must learn and master the basic jutsu. Ino was among the top graduating in the academy of her generation and she could preform these techniques without a problem. The techniques are as they are stated; a clone jutsu clones the user, the transformation transforms the user into any object, the replacement jutsu replaces the user with another object.

Ino isn't a weapons specialist by any means but she can also use basic ninja tools such as kunai (throwing knives), shuriken (throwing stars), explosive tags, etc etc. When it comes to taijutsu, Ino is strong enough to hold her own against opponents like Asuma Sarutobi, who was her sensei as a genin. She still isn't one of the best at this, since her major role is as support instead of an offensive player.

Appearance: Pic.

Alternate Universe Info
If AU, how is your version different from canon, and how will that come across? The most important thing Ino has learned is that outside of Konoha, anything goes. Things she thought couldn't exist, people she never would have met, impossible situations are possible, time stands still, dead people from her world can come back to life...

The sky is the limit. So her tolerance level for the strange and usual has been raised by leaps and bounds.

Not only that, but advanced technology that didn't exist in her world, she has already come into contact with. Including guns and how dangerous they are. Heatsinks are new though! She had been in the middle of learning about spaceships, space stations, shuttles, wormholes, and anything the Thor had to offer that was relevant to her. There isn't much on Omega that can be thrown at her that she hasn't already seen.

Including aliens. She'll find her way around Omega easier than she would if she was coming aboard fresh out of canon. Less freaking out.

There might be a few faces she's met that she'll recognize if they turn up on Omega but nobody really super important to her other than people from her canon.

Lastly, she hates paperwork with a burning passion because of the multitude of forms she had to fill out when first arriving at gargleblasted, on the Thor.

Log Sample:

It smelled like blood and metal and dirt. Not the same dirt that would get caught under her nails when she changed the soil in the pots at the flower shop and still smiled at a new customer; not the dirt that got kicked up during her genin days, sparring with Chouji and Shikamaru and she would stomp her foot when they weren't giving it their all; not the dirt that she found Sakura in, pushed to the ground, the kind she stood on to defend her from the bullies that wouldn't shut up about her forehead.

Honestly, it wasn't even that big. She might have picked on her too during their rival days, used it as a means to get under her skin but it was far less noticeable than that pink hair of hers. It was what drew Ino to Sakura in the first place, but seeing the small girl cowering and crying and alone gave her reason to befriend her; because even at a young age, Ino had a good sense of right and wrong.

What about right or wrong now? This was wrong. Not fighting for their freedom, but her surroundings. Fallen bodies, cries of anguish, the ghost of a voice in her head.

The dirt is smeared on her cheeks, all over her clothes, in her hair. It's foreign dirt that doesn't hold those good memories of the Yamanaka flower shop, her teammates, Sakura. There is wrongness in everything around her. From studying in the Academy, stories of her dad in the glory days where he made it out in a blaze of fire, a hail of kunai, a surge of chakra, she didn't know this was the reality of war. Loss, pain, regrets. It flowed through her like her own blood, like her own chakra as she stood. Even if she didn't want to anymore, even if it hurt. She stood for her friends, to protect them and for her father.

To carry on his will and so he could live on inside her.

That same will burns through her and she pulls up her hands in the Yamanaka hand seal for the Shintenshin when she sees her enemy going for her teammate, Chouji.

Nobody was going to hurt her friends if she can help it.

Network Sample:

((this and this leads to:))

Another space station?

[a loud sigh that seems to border on exasperated. or annoyed. or tired.]

Before I ask anything else or introduce myself, there's just one thing I want to clear up:

I don't have to fill out any forms, do I?


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